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Italian Aerospace Research Centre

CIRA was created in 1984 to manage PRORA, the Italian Aerospace Research Program, and uphold Italy’s leadership in Aeronautics and Space. 

The goals of the Italian Aerospace Research Center are the acquisition and transfer of know-how in order to improve the competitiveness of existing firms and stimulating the creation of new ones, as well as promoting training and increasing awareness of the aerospace sector. 

CIRA is involved in sectors of advanced aeronautical and space research, which range from the study of revolutionary air and spacecraft to innovative systems to reduce environmental impact, increase flight safety, make surveillance more effective right up to developing and verifying in its own labs systems to re-enter the atmosphere from space. 


  • supports all the project phases, from the CONOPS definition to the simulations and result analysis

  • provides fast-time and real-time test facilities, as well as expertise in design and test of Automatic Take-Off and Landing systems

  • contributes to the management with the supervision of the quality of the report produced, and to dissemination activities by spending resources for publication of relevant project results at conferences and on scientific journal



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