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Deep Blue
Consultancy & Research

Deep Blue is a research and consultancy Italian SME specialised in human factor, safety and validation, especially in the domain of Civil Aviation. The area of activity of the company is the analysis and user-centred evaluation of interactive systems, with particular focus on the interaction, integration and allocation of functions between the human, procedural and equipment components of the systems. The company is dealing on a daily basis with activities such as:

  • safety assessment of interactive systems;

  • analysis, evaluation and validation of concepts and systems in aviation, including air traffic management;

  • generation of innovative design concepts for interactive systems.

Deep Blue is member of EUROCAE Working Group 105- Unmanned Aircraft Systems and was a SESAR Associate partner in Lot 6: “UAV/UAS integration in SESAR”. Deep Blue is member of UVS International and is directly involved in its activities by participating in two specific working groups, namely the  Study Group on Rules for RPAS Flight Demonstrations and the Study Group on RPAS Related Responsibility, Liability and Insurance. Deep Blue is currently coordinating the H2020 project AW-Drones, that contributes to harmonising the EU drone regulation and standards, supporting the European Union rulemaking process for the definition of rules, technical standards and procedures for civilian drones to enable safe, environmentally sound and reliable operations.
Main tasks of involvement
Deep Blue, in addition to supporting coordination activities in WP1 (for the dissemination and
communication part) and to coordinating the dissemination in WP5, will contribute to the CONOPS
definition in WP2 and to its validation in WP3.

In INVIRCAT, Deep Blue:

  • supports coordination activities in WP1 (for the dissemination and communication part)

  • coordinates communication, dissemination and exploitation activities in WP5 

  • contributes to the CONOPS definition in WP2 and to its validation in WP3



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