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Six SESAR JU Exploratory Research projects came together in this joint event to present the latest developments in two of the most promising aviation topics: Drones and Artificial Intelligence. INVIRCAT, URClearED, and SAFELAND shared their research activities and results focused on the RPAS integration in the civil air space, while SafeOPS, MAHALO and ARTIMATION presented their ongoing research within the human - AI teaming in aviation framework.

An audience of 75 aviation professionals representing a variety of stakeholders, including SMEs, the industry, academia and decision makers, took part in the conference, which also constituted the final dissemination event for INVIRCAT.


Below, we are glad to share the slides and booklet that supported the event.

RPAS and AI in Aviation - booklet.png


Photographs of the event


In the period November - December 2021 conducted an extensive real-time simulation campaign with the purpose of validating our concept of operations for the safe integration of IFR RPAS in the TMA. Following the successful completion of all simulations, on January 25th, 2022 we organised a virtual open day to spread to word about the simulation campaign and allow the participants to (virtually) enter and visit our simulation rooms and know more about the three real-time simulations carried out at DLR, NLR and CIRA experimental centres.

During the event, we presented the validation framework and the specific aspects of each simulation, with of course photos and videos recorded during the simulation campaign, and we were available to answer questions and collect feedback and insights about the initiative. In the following, we are happy to share the slide deck and the video recording of the event.

INVIRCAT open day slide deck cover.PNG
SESAR INNOVATION DAYS 2021 (7-9 December 2021)

At SESAR Innovation Days 2021 we presented the initiative the RPAS Projects Collaboration Panel. The group, founded in January 2021 and composed by representatives of the SESAR Exploratory Research projects INVIRCAT, SAFELAND, and URClearED as well as the Industrial Research project PJ13-W2 ERICA and the Very Large Demonstration project CORUS-XUAM, discusses and coordinates their research activities and results on the integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. This panel has been founded to coordinate research activities, generate synergies, and exchange and discuss their results, in order to build a common concept that supports rule makers, standardization bodies, and the industry in decision making and the generation of harmonized standards.

The concept image of the RPAS Projects Collaboration Panel and the video presentation produced for the SESAR Innovation Days are available below: 

SID_2021 concept image.png

In the period between September and October 2021 the SESAR Digital Academy organised a series of two webinars dedicated to the topic of smarter, safer and more efficient arrivals. Moderated by Olivia Nunez, ATM Expert from the SESAR JU, the webinars had the purpose of ensuring the sustainability and sharing of the knowledge gained by the individual research projects concerning the topic, exploring it from different a multifaceted perspectives. The INVIRCAT was invited to participate in one of the two workshops and present its concept of operations for integrating Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) into the arrival stream. The project was represented by the coordinator, Gunnar Schwoch from DLR. The project was represented by the coordinator, Gunnar Schwoch from DLR. 

The replay of the event is available from the pictures below and on the SJU website at:

11th EASN CONFERENCE (1-3 September 2021)

On 2 September 2021, the 11th EASN International Conference hosted the virtual session “Remotely piloted aircraft systems: SESAR Joint Undertaking”, dedicated to INVIRCAT, URClearED, CORUS-XUAM, PJ13 and SAFELAND projects. The session consisted of presentations followed by a round table chaired by SESAR Joint Undertaking program manager, Ms. Nil Agacdiken.

The presentation proposed by the INVIRCAT Project focussed on our concept of operations to efficiently integrate IFR RPAS into the TMA. Click on the presentation below to download it. 

EASN figures.jpg
EASN PPT slide 1.JPG
EASN PPT slide 2.JPG
SESAR INNOVATION DAYS 2020 (7-10 December 2020)
SESAR INNOVATION DAYS 2020 (7-10 December 2020)
SESAR INNOVATION DAYS 2020 (7-10 December 2020)

Hereafter you can see the dissemination materials produced to attend the SESAR Innovation Days 2020.

As the event was virtual, the poster produced was accompanied by a video explaining it and the project.  

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