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Institute for Sustainable Society and Innovation

The Institute for Sustainable Society and Innovation ISSNOVA is an independent not-for-profit research organization aimed at delivering viable solutions to integrate environmental and social priorities with economic development.
In July 2016 ISSNOVA was founded with the main scope to contribute to the Sustainable Innovation and Integrated knowledge of the research growth for supporting the new generation to live better. The mission is to network excellences from various scientific communities (Universities, R&D centres, Professionals) for inoculating free of charge the social sustainability goal as part of the on-going research they are running in domains with an evaluable impact on the quality of the life of the earth and the peoples. ISSNOVA researchers are engaged in cross-cutting fields such as responsible research and innovation, resilient, inclusive and smart communities, knowledge integration, circular economy, safety and security for water, energy, food, aerial, terrestrial and maritime transports, land use, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, environmental management systems, adaptive planning. and in any critical context for people and environment safety, focusing on both technology, processes and social-related aspects. 


  • contributes to the definition of the concept of operations in WP2

  • supports the simulation activities by planning and evaluating the relevant KPI addressed
    by the project in WP3, based on its expertise 
    in validation

  • contributes to communication, dissemination and exploitation activities in WP5


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