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INVIRCAT Final Dissemination Event at the "RPAS and AI in Aviation" Conference (3-4 November 2022)

Six SESAR JU Exploratory Research projects came together in a joint conference to present the latest developments in two of the most promising aviation topics: Drones and Artificial Intelligence.

Specifically, INVIRCAT, URClearED, and SAFELAND shared their research activities and results focused on the RPAS integration in the civil air space, while SafeOPS, MAHALO and ARTIMATION presented their ongoing research within the human-AI teaming in the aviation framework.

An audience of 75 aviation professionals, representing a variety of stakeholders (including SMEs, the industry, academia, and decision makers), took part in the conference, which also constituted the final dissemination event for INVIRCAT.

Below, we are glad to share the slides and booklet that supported the event.

Presentations from Day 1 - RPAS

Presentations from Day 2 - AI

Supporting materials

Projects results booklet


Photographs of the conference


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