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INVIRCAT at the XII National Congress SIE2022

On the 4th of May, 2022 INVIRCAT was presented at the XII National Congress of the Italian Society of Ergonomics and Human Factors - SIE2022, in a session dedicated to Ergonomics and technological innovation.

Vittorio Sangermano (ISSNOVA) presented the paper "Impact on Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers of IFR RPAS introduction in controlled airspace" (Sangermano, V., Duca, G., Rocchio, R., Filippone, E.). The paper will be published in the conference proceedings around the end of May.

About the Conference

The XII National Congress SIE2022 (XII Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Ergonomia e Fattori Umani) was held on the 2-4th of May 2022 in Lucca, Italy.

The congress was guided by a common thread: the narration of the challenges, the good practices, and the successes of Ergonomics and Human Factors research in Italy. The event was split in thematic sessions to better allow the representation of the best advancements of the discipline.

The Ergonomics and technological innovation session

As a discipline, Ergonomics is oriented to designing life and work systems in a way that maximises their compatibility with the needs, abilities and limitations of people (IEA, 2010). As Digital Transformation progresses and automation and autonomous systems spread, the ergonomic approach to innovation design is increasingly recognized as a generator of added value; but this also means facing new challenges, and new paradigms are emerging in the discipline.

This session was dedicated to remapping methods and tools for designing innovation at the service of people while also considering the current and future levels of technological progress.


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