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INVIRCAT presented at the XXVII Congress of ANACNA Delegates

On April 5, 2022 INVIRCAT took part in the XXVII Congress of ANACNA Delegates.

ANACNA is the Italian National Association of Air Navigation Assistants and Controllers; its annual Congress aims to present the most important innovations regarding airspace management.

In 2022, the congress explored many topics, such as the principles, architectures and operative considerations of the virtual center; U-space and the future airspace; HAO, High Altitude Operations; and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and the integration of new operations into the ATM environment. Under the last topic, the Congress discussed the increasing role of UAM in improving the lives of urban population; a role which also poses the challenge of integrating these activities within the current spaces, both controlled and uncontrolled.

In this context, a number of EU-funded projects were presented, including INVIRCAT and its investigation of IFR RPAS Control in Airports and TMA. Paola Lanzi (Deep Blue), Dissemination Manager of INVIRCAT, presented the project. The interaction between manned and unmanned vehicles is an increasingly central area of future developments in the aeronautical sector, with industry pushing for the commercial implementation of these new types of flying machines. Moving from this consideration, Paola illustrated how INVIRCAT is developing innovative solutions to manage the interactions between IFR flights and drones (RPAS) in the terminal area system and in the airport environment, trying to avoid significant impacts on manned flights and on the responsibilities of air traffic controllers.

Further information (Italian only) about the Congress can be found on the dedicated webpage; the complete recording of the Congress is available on YouTube.


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