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The INVIRCAT Project has just released its second public deliverable, entitled "Use cases definition and concept outline".

This document gives an outline of the considered concept and assumptions for use of RPAS at and around airports under IFR conditions, including their integration into current ATC procedures, and a set of relevant use cases.

The concept outline describes stakeholders involved and the operational context for RPAS being fully integrated into non-segregated airspace. Furthermore, the flight phases of interest for TMA and airport operations as well as a number of important assumptions concerning equipage and operation of RPAS are mentioned. A special point of interest is the description of the use of so-called loiter waypoints in case of RPAS contingency operations.

Use cases are divided into nominal RPAS operations and non-nominal use cases due to equipment failure. The effect of latency is considered for both nominal and non-nominal use cases.

The elaboration of such an outline concept and the use cases for the relevant flight phases is an initial step towards one of the main goals of the INVIRCAT project: the creation of a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for RPAS in the TMA and on airports.


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